Weird, Wild and Wacky

Lone largemouth saves the day

By Bob Sexton 01/09/2011

The smallmouth are here. I know this not only because I can see arcs on the sonar, I just saw a massive one—swimming away from...

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Bob in Harbercraft1
Weird, Wild and Wacky

Operation Smallie off to a good start

By Bob Sexton 15/08/2011

“Have you tried out there by them buoys?" responds the tall, thin, long-grey-haired man filling the boat’s gas tank when I ask...

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Article, Articles, Field Findings

Is fizzing good for bass? Anglers aid study to find out

By Patrick Walsh 11/11/2010

It’s always great to hear about anglers and hunters giving back, and the Aurora Bassmasters are, well, among the masters at...

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On The Water Online, Tips

Fall smallmouth frenzy

By Gord Pyzer 16/10/2010

The smallmouth fishing has been nothing short of amazing the last couple of weeks as the long stretch of beautiful, above...

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On The Water Online, Tips

Roughing it in velvet

By Gord Pyzer 19/09/2009

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to be short on words today and long on pictures.  I ...

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Field Findings

Bass on the fly on Ontario’s Saugeen

By Patrick Walsh 11/09/2009

I’ve drifted Ontario’s Maitland River twice now with fishing guide Mike Verhoef, so when he invited me to do a drift down...

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In The Net

Bass potpourri

By Aaron Kylie 05/08/2009

With bass season in full swing these days, there’s plenty of chatter, tidbits and interesting info about all things large- and...

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Field Findings

Back out on Lake Ontario for smallies

By Patrick Walsh 31/07/2009

Well, I got a bit of a smallmouth bass fix yesterday, bombing around the east end of Lake Ontario with bass pro Derek Strub and...

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Field Findings

Of boys and bass (and poker and shootin’)

By Patrick Walsh 13/07/2009

Well, the 1st Annual Haverhill Boys’ Bass, Poker and Sharpshooting Tournament is now all but history. All went according to...

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