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Global TV’s plan to ban hunting shows has the outdoors community up in arms

September 6th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Canada in the Rough


I was en route to Alberta earlier this month when I first learned that Global TV, owned by Shaw Media, was planning to yank all hunting programming from its Saturday morning block of outdoors shows. The hammer is slated to come down on December 30 this year. Business is business, and the owner of a media outlet is free to control content, but in this case, I thought, the decision made absolutely no sense. After all, hunting is an integral part of Canadian culture, not to mention the basis of wildlife conservation across the land. It also does its part to help fuel the national economy—hunting and the shooting sports generate around $6 billion a year.

As well, the shows in question are certainly reflective of best practices when it comes to hunting, promoting fair chase, safety and respect for the resource. If you’ve ever watched Canada in the Rough, The Canadian Tradition and Angler & Hunter Television (AHTV), produced by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), you’d know what I mean. And by all the accounts, the shows are popular and draw healthy audiences—the outdoors block attracts some 1 million pairs of eyeballs every Saturday morning.

These hunting programs are also respected in the outdoors TV industry. This past July, Canada in the Rough, which has been on Global for eight years, earned the WildTV Network’s Grizzly Awards for Best Host and Best Show Overall. And 20-year-old AHTV has its own Grizzlies for Best Fishing Show (2010), the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award (2011), Fan Favourite (2012) and Best Educational/Conservation Show (2012).

So, why this misguided decision to kick the programs off Global? Rumour has it that the wife of one of Shaw’s executives dislikes hunting and convinced her hubby to shed the shows. I hate to think that a major media corporation would make such a decision based on the emotional whims of a spouse (of either gender), but who knows? It’s also highly conceivable that a recent Vancouver Humane Society campaign against Global’s hunting shows played a role in the decision. Then there’s the general anti-gun tenor of the times, fuelled by vote-hungry politicians.

At any rate, when I first heard the news, I decided it best to let the affected shows work the back channels, as it were, to try to have the decision reversed—before going public with this nonsense. Well, the looming cancellation so far remains in place, so now the gloves are off. In recent days, OFAH and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) have issued terse press releases condemning the move. I’m sure more outdoors-related groups will also soon weigh in.

Here’s some of what OFAH Executive Director Angelo Lombardo had to say:

“Angler & Hunter TV has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Shaw Media/Global Television. By Global’s own admission, over one million viewers tune into the great Canadian block of outdoor shows including AHTV. The fact that Global had previously acknowledged the important conservation message that anglers and hunters embrace, and publicly recognized the appeal of shows like AHTV to the broader public, calls into question the decision to remove these shows from their broadcast line-up and the motive for doing so.”

And here are some choice words from Tony Bernardo, spokesman for the CSSA:

“Sport shooters are both amazed and insulted that someone at Shaw believes our activities are anything but wholesome. Someone is trying to play a politically correct game with viewers and we demand that it ends here and now. Shaw Media sells television, Internet and telephone services. It owns 18 specialty cable channels. A company with all these products and services has a lot to lose if two million firearms owners and advertisers choose Rogers, Cogeco, Bell or one of the many other suppliers of these products.”

“Shaw must change its mind on the silly decision to take hunting shows off the air. If they refuse, the CSSA has no alternative but to advocate that Canadian gun owners turn off Shaw, just like they’re planning to turn off hunting. It’s only fair. Shaw needs to realize that the firearms community has more collective influence than any other single group in Canada.”

Talk of boycotts aside, I think the best approach for now is a polite, intelligent letter-writing campaign. Setting the bar in this regard is Phil Morlock, Shimano Canada’s Director, Environmental Affairs. Here’s his thoughtful submission to Greg McLelland, VP of Sales at Shaw Media:

Dear Mr. McLelland,

Shimano is a major manufacturer of fishing tackle, clothing and accessories as well as bicycle components. 8 million Canadians fish for recreation in every region of the country, and according to Stats Canada contribute over $8 billion annually to the national economy. Combined with the $6 Billion hunting / recreational shooting businesses the recreational fishing industry supports over 100,000 jobs.

Through our retailers and many of our customers, the recreational fishing economy is directly linked to hunting. So too in the area of fish and wildlife management, policy and environmentally sustainable use of fish and wildlife resources.

Canadian hunters and anglers have been leaders in the conservation and restoration of fish and wildlife species and habitat improvement for a century. Hunters in Canada donate close to one million hours per year to habitat improvement projects, and over the last 15 years have devoted over 14 million hours to conservation – equal to 1,600 years of personal work. Anglers do so as well and together people who fish and hunt donate more time, sweat equity and money to fish and wildlife conservation than all other groups combined. Today this stands as the greatest environmental success story in the history of the world – all led by people who hunt and fish.

Our corporate conservation programs, support for scientific research with leading universities on behalf of fishery improvement and our youth fishing programs are founded on the basis of the proud history of what anglers and hunters have accomplished on behalf of conservation across this country and continent wide. Hunting is a proud Canadian outdoor heritage activity – more relevant in today’s urbanized society than ever before – in many profound ways that connect people to nature as responsible users of renewable resources. Public opinion surveys over time consistently show the vast majority of the non-hunting public supports hunting as long as it is done humanely, ethically and with a basis in conservation. These basics are followed by lawful hunters in every region of Canada.

We strongly urge you to please reconsider and reverse the recent decision to cancel hunting programming on Shaw TV networks. It matters to our company, to our industry and related economies such as tourism and especially to our customers who are all engaged in the market growth of hunting and fishing participation in Canada. Most importantly it matters to the conservation of fish and wildlife who without the efforts of people who fish and hunt, would be in dire straits indeed in many places.

We need Shaw to stand with us to promote this proud heritage which is often misunderstood and often understated, but never without strong advocates like Canada in the Rough and Angler & Hunter to tell the story to our fellow citizens.

Thank you for your consideration.

As the Beasley brothers, the Executive Producers of Canada in the Rough, so calmly suggest, “If you wish to share your thoughts with Global regarding this decision, please email as well as and or call 1-877-307-1999.

Time to make some noise.


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Dec. 17, 2013

9:32 am

Email sent!


Dec. 17, 2013

9:27 am

Good for Global and Shaw for taking a stand. Shame on Outdoor Canada and Patrick Walsh for trivializing the reason Global and Shaw took this step. Hunting for food, is a non issue. Hunting for Trophy is a much larger issue. @Lucy, of course they want people to buy into their market and make hunting palatable by claiming it is all about conservation. They want new hunters to believe this so they can sell you equipment, guns etc under the guise of thinking you are doing a good thing! They also try to sell this information to the Anti-hunting side but we do our research and don't take what they say at face value. The real facts are much different than these hunting conservationists are claiming!


Nov. 4, 2013

4:46 pm

Congratulations Global TV for getting with the times. Why don't all you killing apologists have a look at the moose wandering around south-east of Sherwood Park with 2 arrows sticking out of its side? Someone complained about the horrible stereotype people have of hunters - wonder why?


Oct. 19, 2012

9:58 am

I'm just curious to know if any of these people that think hunting is so cruel and wrong have ever been to a slaughter house. I have been to a chicken plants lots of times animals miss having there heads removed and get scalded alive. Most of the time workers don't notice this before its too late. Then there is pork slaughter houses where pigs are lined up and see the pig infront of them get its back legged tied then have its throat slit. They know exactly what's coming with the smell in the air. I don't know any hunters that will purposely wound an animal so they can merely track it. O before anyone states I'm just a pyscho for going to slaughter houses to watch thinks die. I went to school to be a butcher and had to visit slaughter houses and was fortunate enough not to have to work in one. I had the easier job of meat cutting in grocery stores the places people go who don't hunt and see the final product but don't seem to acknowledge that it was once a living animal as well. So that being said I have seen animals killed in both places in the field and in a slaughterhouse. The more humane way from what I witnessed is animals killed in the field and the animal is treated with more respect. If you are a vegatarian then I can't argue with you but if your against hunting and eat meat you have no valid arguement. As stated before if you don't want to watch tips on conservation and hunting. Like shown on these shows clearly don't watch them to some I can see how it would be disturbing. Simply change the channel. I don't like watching American idol or so you think you can dance so I don't freedom of speech simple as that. Most people commenting on here probably live in major cities which is more of a threat then hunting will ever be. The biggest threat to wild animals is destruction of habitat.


Sep. 22, 2012

11:32 am

Sorry, I meant to say that it IS also about putting food on the table (angron29)


Sep. 22, 2012

11:27 am

This is Lucy and I know what you're trying to say. A year ago I would have agreed with the anti-hunters, but they're looking at this the wrong way. Please hear me out for at least the first paragraph. Firstly, hunting is NOT about the kill. In Hunter's Safety Course, that is the first thing that they drill into your head, (And you CAN'T hunt without passing the course.) Secondly, we all hear about hunting accidents and/or law suits on The News, but those people DO NOT represent all hunters. Just like how a Druggy in the big city does not represent all people in the big city. Lastly, people don't know what hunters do FOR the environment. Not all of the money made by hunting shows goes to the people running the shows. Some of it goes to protecting wildlife. That's right, when watching the shows; some of your money goes to the environment. DID YOU KNOW that the MAIN people who support and protect conservation areas, endangered species, and who study game population to set hunting limits, ARE hunters. As I said before, hunting is not about the kill, putting food on the table (argron29) it is about the experience of being in the wilderness and getting close to nature. When my brother was twelve, he saw a deer on his VERY FIRST day of hunting, but he never took the shot because he didn't want the experience to end so quickly. Instead, he waited to see how close it would come. Besides people think hunting shows are cruel? What about coarse language shows about murders and people getting killed? I hate those shows I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THEM because I have a "remote" and amazing invention that is used to change the channel when there is something on that I don't want to watch. With this invention, I don't have to convince Global to cancel those shows since I know that other people LIKE to watch it. Sorry. I got a little angry there. But now talking to fellow hunters who like the show and ho are fellow hunters. I know we are all angry at Global for canceling the hunting shows, YET, we all know HOW people think of hunters (Disney doesn’t help there) but we also know how they convince Global to cancel the shows. SO, we can either continue complaining on line, OR... we can show anti-hunters what we are really about and we can and start our own adds and petition’s to save the shows SO... what are we going to do to (and I quote) "KEEP THE TRADITION ALIVE?"


Sep. 19, 2012

4:34 pm

I am reading this thread, and I am shocked to see the number of anti-hunters that comment on a magazine geared to anglers, and hunters. Seriously people do you hve nothing better to do than stir the pot, seriously. "Lace bra", educate yourself. Your comments "Hunters only worry about conservation to the extent that they will run out of animals to KILL!. There are now more humane ways to control animal populations. " Show the ignorance of your type. Hunting, as managed by the provinces in our fine Country, is an integral part of controlling the genetic diversity and populations of wildlife in our country. I know this because I have 6 years post secondary education in Forestry, and Natural Resource Management. Also your "Good Family Times". Many children do in fact bond with their families through angling and hunting, and most hunters in Canada are substance hunters. As a woman who has fished her entire life, and hunts. I have educated myself in sound hunting and angling practices, and truly wish you would at least educate your self before place rhetoric on a website geared to outdoors people of Canada. I feel that Global is only fuelling the anti-hunters, and promoting the ignorance and biasses towards our sport. The shows banned are discussing sound principals, as well as safe and legal hunting.


Sep. 19, 2012

10:03 am

There is such thing as a remote , right. Bubble wrapped city folk are constantly watching people getting shot on the news , t.v shows, movies, every media outlet. This is just another "lets change things for all the wrong reasons idea". If u dont like it , dont watch it. This is soooo stupid.


Sep. 18, 2012

1:17 pm

Canmoore, you honestly believe children should be able to tune in to a show that depicts animals being killed for sport ( YES, sport ) then watch the giddy hunter sitting there holding up the limp head of what was once a beautiful proud animal, so he can get his photo op??? This isn't a game, this isn't entertainment. It's incredibly disrespectful to the animal and to nature itself. Hunt for your sustenance, no one is arguing that. But hunting for TV, this is just unacceptable, especially where children are concerned. Take a lesson from Native Americans. They only killed what they needed and gave thanks to their spirits for giving their lives for them. They respected them, complete opposite of the yahoos we see on TV and magazines with their little GI Joe outfits and stupid smirks.......


Sep. 17, 2012

5:06 pm

The nice thing about modern televisions is that you can program the channel line-up. Mine is now programmed sans Global so no one will be watching it anymore at our house, shame about having to get the news from another source but so be it.


Sep. 17, 2012

4:44 pm

These people who are congratulation Global. Perhaps you do not understand the outdoor culture. People who hunt do not hunt to seek "thrills", these people absolutely love nature. In fact I am willing to wager that hunters love nature more than the average "anti". Would you go out into the woods for days on end, battling the rain, cold, thick forests and everything else that Nature can throw at you? Would you Stay motionless for countless hours waiting for a game animal to come by? Perhaps you need to educate your-self's in the hunting culture, as many of the conservation groups such as Ducks Unlimited. Have been formed and maintained by people who hunt. We do this because we love nature more than anything else, and we want to keep it that way for our children to enjoy as well.


Sep. 14, 2012

2:36 pm

Your article was posted on Facebook for all the "antis" to read, so thanks for putting all 3 Shaw e-mail contacts together for me. I e-mailed them all and thanked them for having morals and not showing people killing animals for fun so kids can wach and believe this is normal, acceptable behavior.

big bad bud

Sep. 13, 2012

4:32 am

Who really watches Global anyway? Who cares.


Sep. 12, 2012

11:41 am

The sadest part is a small group of people, who claim to be intelligent, would like to interfere with other peoples choices that does not affect them in anyway, except that they don't like it. You bunny huggers are a very pathetic goup of people!! I love nature, I teach my children to love and respect nature and they understand that hunting/fishing and conservation go hand in hand , amazing they get that at 5 and 7 but you people don't. I would hazzrd a guess that most of you are not meat eaters and would claim that killing any living thing is bad. News flash!!!! Plants are alive too!!! Hunting is less cruel than buying meat from a large slaughterhouse as well. If I didn't agree with the way you live or things you do would you like me to take that away from you???? Maybe you should worry about more important things in life! As for Shaw and Global anybody with half a brain at another company (Bell or Rogers) will pick up these shows and add more viewers to their stations. Globals line up is lacklster at best. These are the only shows I watch on their station. I would imagine they are going to lose alot of $$$$ in revenue since the outdoor companies will not be advertising anymore and no one willing be watching Saturday mornings anymore.


Sep. 12, 2012

10:47 am

We all have a choice don't we. When my hand is on the remote it will NOT go to Global. There's no sense carping about the antis and their narrow minds. Don't let then spoil your day.


Sep. 12, 2012

10:37 am

This is a shame that they would pull these shows from television. I have read some of these comments and how exactly is there a more humane why to control animal populations? do you take the PETA approach and sterilize animals so they can't reproduce ? That does not sound very humane to me since the animal will now have to live with the trauma of capture and release . some people say that the hosts only wound the animal so they have the excitement of tracking it , that is a bunch of bull plop every show I have seen the shooter drops the target with one shot . I do not find hunting cruel it is an important skill that many people should learn. As my father said " I would rather you know how to hunt and not have to then have to and not know how". People say that there is no tradition to hunting but I am sorry to say that there is. When our ancestors came to this land I do not think there were any ye olde grocery stores for them to buy food from , if they brought a cow they did not kill it and eat it as it was to valuable since it did many jobs like plowing fields , giving milk and fertilizer . So they went out and harvested a deer , or a grouse to supplement what they had grown in their gardens so they could survive in their new home and that tradition has been passed on through the generations to todays hunter. Before you go calling us thrill killers or murderers look at the other shows on TV about human Murder, the Jersey shore, and other shows filled with violence , drugs , and sex and see which one has a more profound effect on the youth of today . My money would be on the fact that these other shows do not teach anything about respect for nature , safety around firearms , respect for others and for yourself .

Lorraine O'Connor

Sep. 12, 2012

10:15 am

Global sucks. We don't watch it much here. How can they pull hunting and fishing shows, which are part of our heritage. How can they show human suffering shows killing, and dismembering, CSI, Ciminal minds and the like, and call that healthy. Wake up Global.


Sep. 12, 2012

10:04 am

I can't believe the ignorance of these anti hunting people. If you don't like it all you have to do is change the channel! Who do you think you are to tell me that I can't do something that is as natural as feeding myself with natural foods. What goes around comes around!

Sep. 12, 2012

8:01 am

I currently have Starchoice Satelite which is owned by Shaw. I recently had Shaw cable installed in my home in Manitouwadge. If Shaw cancels the hunting programs I will switch over to Bell satelite for sure.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Sep. 10, 2012

10:08 pm

Hi Riverjet. As tempting as it might be to delete all the anti-hunting comments, we're letting everyone have their say in the interest of free speech (otherwise, we wouldn't be much better than Global TV in its decision to ban the hunting shows). The positive comments from the outdoors community are winning the day, anyway.


Sep. 10, 2012

8:54 pm

Outdoor Canada should ban all the anti dopes posting their ridiculous poison on this site.


Sep. 10, 2012

8:52 pm

If Shaw goes ahead with this plan they will be banned from my household in every way, shape and form.


Sep. 10, 2012

8:50 pm

angron29 says...."I do have problems with people making money from killing animals!" Does your animal protein supplier give their product away for free or do they make money from it?


Sep. 10, 2012

2:53 pm

I started hunting with my father at the ripe old age of 2 and some of the best memories I have are of spending time in the bush with my father, uncles, and friends. The practice of hunting has grounded me during difficult times as well as good times it is an art form that i am passing down to my children and hopefully to my grand children. For those that think that they have the right to harrass my belittle me and generally behave in a crass manner I say, worry about your selves and leave me and my like minded friends in peace. I have seen more rude comments and threats from the so called peace loving anti hunters that I would never consider any of them to be some one I would respect or listen to.As far as Global goes, if the continue on their plan to cancel hunting shows I will no longer allow any of their channels to be displayed in my home.


Sep. 8, 2012

7:21 pm

Ok, I've emailed the 3 addresses listed... with my 2 bits: For the record, in a day and age when there is so much on the television networks which makes me wonder why I even bother watching them a decision to remove programming which is as "real" as reality tv every was and could be with all the dramatic license and interludes makes me look elsewhere than the standard fare of the cable world. There is a hypocrisy in seeing people who want their their needs met with burgers, steaks and chicken wings yet get nauseous at the thought of getting the meat to the plate. For them to pluck a bird, clean a fish or dress out an animal would be out of the question let alone take the time to prepare and go into the wild and bring it home. Sure enough I will have my answer when I turn on the television in the months ahead, then I will have to make mine. Furthermore, as many here have mentioned there is a responsibility and appreciation for what you hunted or fished for and your attitude toward it, having hunted as well as worked in a slaughterhouse kill floor there is no comparison as to which place I'd rather be.


Sep. 8, 2012

6:51 am

While I don't watch these shows, I enjoy fishing and hunting, I just don't need to watch others do an edited version of a fishing or hunting adventure. To follow the lead of most posts so far, they might as well shut down TV altogether. Shut down the church services, a lot of people don't go to church; cartoons have violence, rude behavior, etc; movies - violence, murder, rape, hate, etc; the list goes on. But wait there is that magical device THE REMOTE - change the channel, don't watch the shows you don't like. I just saw an ad for a comedy show, which brings to mind just how many bad comedy shows I have used the remote on, not to mention reality TV (Remoted); most talk shows (Remoted) - SOAPS (Remoted). By the way fishing and hunting shows (Remoted). The difference between these shows is that the sports shows actually teach and promote conservation, safety and deter unsafe practices. If any block of shows should be cancelled it is "reality" TV. It time for the network to get a reality check. What will they fill the time slot with? more cartoons to turn our children's mind to mush.


Sep. 8, 2012

6:48 am

As most hunters already now it's very hard to get through to those who don't understand or don't want to understand hunting, but everyone is allowed their opinion and that's ok. What is not ok is for anti-hunters to push so hard to remove responsible, ethical hunting TV shows from TV when all they have to do is not watch! We as hunters don't complain about your "save the animals" commercials and shows, so why attack our shows? We live in Canada people, one of the most free Countries in the world, unfortunately all you aggressive anti-hunters are changing this Country for the worst when it comes to what we will be able to do and watch on TV and that's not only selfish but just not right. If you don't like to watch hunting shows then don’t watch and let the people (hunters and non-hunters) who do like to watch the very well-produced hunting documentary shows that help promote hunting and tourism to this country continue to watch their programs. And just so you know @lacebra, hunting IS not only "Part" of our heritage but hunting and trapping was the major contributor in building Canada, if you picked up a history book you would learn this.


Sep. 7, 2012

11:22 pm

BRAVO! There is no need or excuse for violence against animals in this day and age! Meat and dairy products are a determent to good health. Hunters only worry about conservation to the extent that they will run out of animals to KILL!. There are now more humane ways to control animal populations. People use the words "culture" and "heritage" when they have no scientific facts to back up their logic. I fail to see how it is "macho" to kill a creature that has the IQ of a human baby. Find some "good family times" that don't revolve around killing.


Sep. 7, 2012

8:48 pm

I pride my self on taking a step back from any discussion/issue to take a look a both sides and more importantly the bigger picture, but for some reason almost every animal rights/anti-hunting organization including the VHS can not seem to do so. Before anyone should put down hunting and call it “cruel” or “unnecessary” please take a moment and get your facts straight. Throughout my whole life I have been standing up for hunters and the tradition of hunting. I have even been fortunate enough to teach some past anti-hunters about the reality of hunting and all the positive aspects of it and help rid the horrible stereotypes that some people have of hunters. One of the largest misconceptions about hunters is that we are all “hillbilly killers” or "Thrill Killers" as @Mossy1 states, simply out to gain joy from killing animals. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The harvest of an animal is a mere part of hunting but doesn't not define hunting. Hunting is about being in the outdoors, experiencing mother nature and wildlife first hand, it’s about spending time with friends and family, it’s about teaching the next generation about wildlife, habitat, responsibility, team work, patience, defeat and victory, it’s about learning where our food comes from, it’s about helping support wildlife and wildlife areas through hard work and finical donations, it’s about the journey we go on, the people we meet and the memories we are left with. Hunting is much more than the kill and every hunter already knows this, hopefully some of you anti-hunters can step back from your narrow minded views and understand this also.


Sep. 7, 2012

4:13 pm

KUDOS Global TV and Shaw Communications! For everyone else who agrees, please sign the following petition asking both to uphold their decision!


Sep. 7, 2012

1:26 pm

Good! I don't disapprove of some hunting. However, many forms of sport hunting are either cruel, unethical, or wasteful. Glad to see these stupid shows go.


Sep. 7, 2012

3:54 am

Three cheers Global TV for having the guts to consider this The number of 'trophy hunters' thrill killers and their disgusting Face Book pages is bad enough without them getting television air time too The lies spewed forth by hunters who kill purely for kicks would only be believed by fools,the fact many have sent messages containing graphic photos and 'recipes' to 'anti's' just goes to prove their mentality and blood lust


Sep. 7, 2012

2:35 am

This is wonderful! I have NO problem with hunting however I do have problems with people making money from killing animals! This is NOT traditional hunt and needs to stop so WAY TO GO!!!!! Now maybe "real" hunters will sit back and remember what their Grandpas and Dad's taught them about hunting. Pretty damn sure there were no cameras around when my Dad was out hunting for food to put on the table and he sure in the hell didn't wound an animal so he could track it for more attention. That's EVIL and CRUEL! I think this is the best thing I have read in a very long time in such a cruel world we live in! HUGE THUMBS UP FOR ENDING THESE!!!! :-)


Sep. 7, 2012

12:53 am

Bravo Global TV...

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