SAIL opens two Toronto-area outdoors superstores

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Quebec-based outdoor retailer SAIL opened two new southern Ontario stores today, in Vaughan and Oshawa.

Founded more than 40 years ago, SAIL currently has the largest network of camping, hunting, fishing and outdoor stores in Eastern Canada, and has recently expanded into Ontario. In additional to the new Toronto-area stores, SAIL opened an Ottawa outlet last fall.

The company has invested $30 million to build and stock the new stores, generating 300 local jobs. With a surface area of 70,000 square feet, and over 500,000 prodcuts, SAIL Oshawa and SAIL Vaughan are among the largest outdoors stores in Canada. In addition to a broad selection of outdoor clothing, each location showcases 60 fully assembled tents (40 in the off-season), more than 25 models of boats (kayaks, canoes), 3,500 pairs of snowshoes, 1,550 fishing rods, 500 models of boots and footwear. SAIL also promises shoppers knowledgeable employees “driven by an infectious sense of passion for the outdoors.”

The Oshawa branch at 665 Laval Drive is located off of Stevenson Road and the 401. The Vaughan branch is at 137 Chrislea Road, Highway 400 and Highway 7.

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