15 wild plants you can eat

Take advantage of what nature has to offer. Where & when to find wild edibles

By Nancy JohnstonNancy Johnston

Foraging tips

Canada's countryside offers an abundance of wild edibles just waiting to be scooped up by anyone who knows where—and when—to look. Why not take advantage of nature’s bounty by harvesting some of the exotic delicacies in your area? With more than 350 different species of wild edibles across the country, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that meets your tastes. Here are just some of the free goodies to be had.


Planning to bring home some wild edibles the next time you return from the field? Great idea. If it’s your first time foraging, however, do not rely on the following list of edible plants. This is meant only as a brief overview of what’s out there, not a comprehensive guide.

When looking for wild plants to bring home to the kitchen, always follow this important rule of thumb: never pick (let alone eat) anything if you’re not 100 per cent sure what it is. Simply, if you eat the wrong plant you could become seriously ill, or even die. To be certain, consult authoritative guides such as the great online resource provided by the Nova Scotia Museum.

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