The best 2011 hunting apparel

Our picks for the latest and greatest in outdoors clothing & accessories

By Ken BaileyKen Bailey

Best Ground Blind | Carnivore

Photo by Ameristep

This portable ground blind is ideal for deer hunters using either rifles or bows. The Carnivore weighs 22 pounds, has six window openings and comes in a backpack with side straps for carrying your rifle or bow and other gear. The ground skirt helps keep light out and scent in, while the new poly-cotton outer material reduces glare and noise. Featuring Realtree’s AP camouflage pattern, this bllind pops up and down in a flash.

More information: Ameristep

Trophy Wall

Pike of a Lifetime

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My Trophy Monster Buck

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Great catch at brunswick lake

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27.5 lbs Laker

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